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11828 Rancho Bernardo Rd #206, San Diego, CA 92128, USA


ABOUT                        PILATES PASSION

A Life-Changing Experience

In 2007 I opened Pilates Passion to provide a place of privacy and encouragement to those who wished to begin Pilates. I especially wanted the classes to be small so the instruction was more effective and “hands on.”  This allows everyone to feel safe and grow strong by ensuring their form is as precise as possible. A house built of bricks not straw, with mindful connection to the work. My team offers the ability for our students to rise from a place of injury or weakness, reconnect with their bodies, and enter a place of strength and wellbeing. We enjoy celebrating their progress. I personally combine Pilates with bio identical hormones, a winning combination that gave me back my body, energy and joy. My intimate studio in Rancho Bernardo is a bright and friendly environment where we teach with compassion and a sense of humor.  Most of my students have developed lasting friendships. Many of us get together socially! Come make Pilates Passion a part of your life!

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Rates & Schedule

Special Limited Time Offer For New Clients! 50% off 1st Private Session
Introductory Package of 3 private lessons $195 (Good for 4 Weeks)

CLASSES (Reformer, Cadillac & Wunda Chair)
We offer classes for beginners as well as fitness buffs who have been doing Pilates for years. Classes are 50 minutes and you’ll be with an elite group of 4 or less.

  • 1 Class – $40

  • 4 Class Package – $140  (1-month expiration)

  • 10 Class Package – $350 (3-month expiration)

Monday:  10am   11am  5pm  6pm

Tuesday:  9:30am
Wednesday:  5pm   6pm
Thursday:  8am   9am   10am
Friday:  10am  11am
Saturday:  9:30am   10:30am

We offer personal 1-on-1 training for a workout customized just for you. Your personal Pilates trainer can give you a great intro to Pilates, help with injuries or inspire you to meet your goals. Sessions are 50 minutes and by appointment only.

  • 1 Private Session – $75

  • 3 Private Sessions Intro Pack – $195

  • 4 Private Session Package – $280  (1-month expiration)

Enjoy a session with your friend or another client with similar goals.

  • 1 Duet Session – $55

  • 4 Duet Session Package – $180 per person (1-month expiration)

Why Duets Benefits BOTH of You:
•    Accountability Toward Progress in Restoring Balance and Strength to Your Bodies.
•    Supporting Each Other with Encouragement.
•    Cost Effective with One Trainer Available to Address BOTH Your Needs Equally.
•    Have Fun Together While Working Out!

Double Your Pilates Progress – With Duets!

Getting in touch is the first step on the path towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.




Rick Trevisin, D.C., 5 Stars

For over three years Anne Marie and her staff have provided my wife and I with outstanding personalized Pilates workouts. As a practicing chiropractor, I know how important a strong core is to body function. No other workout gets to these muscle groups.



A few of our wonderful trainers have moved away.  Our studio is a nurturing environment, and our trainers love it here.              Please call for more information,  or stop by the studio to drop off your resume.

11828 Rancho Bernardo Rd #206, San Diego, CA 92128, USA

(858) 945-1391 cell/text